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Kitchen appliances are an indispensable part of kitchen, the most important of which are probably the range hood and cooktop (Burner). Without them, a kitchen cannot be called a complete kitchen. Cooktop is used for cooking, and the oil fumes thus generated are discharged completely relying on the range hood to keep the air clean and fresh at home.



Choose a range hood

Many people have a lot of concerns about range hood that the fumes may not be thoroughly extracted; that there may be too much noise during operation; that cleaning would be troublesome, etc. These disadvantages are really unbearable for modern people in pursuit of enjoying life. A high-quality hood can greatly improve the quality of life. So how do we choose a range hood?

 Conventional range hoods can be divided into wall-mounted, island-mounted, downdraft and cabinet styles. Materials include stainless steel, aluminum alloy and glass, etc. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Hence, it is necessary to choose the most suitable style and function according to the kitchen pattern and cooking needs.

1. Style and size

MHC (microwave range hood combo) is mainly based on internal circulation with relatively small suction, which is more suitable for Western cooking habits. Downdraft style, on the other hand, is more practical. It is generally flat or inclined, and fumes are extracted from above, with better fume exhaust effect. Cabinet is a type of downdraft style, which is mainly mounted in the cabinet. The overall appearance is more beautiful. Generally, it is used in villas. Island style is mostly used in open kitchens and connected to the living room. It falls under the downdraft style from the fume suction method. However, as it is mounted closer to the interior of the house, the fume extraction effect is general.
When choosing a range hood, many people do not know how to determine the appropriate size. In fact, the size of range hood should be selected according to the size of kitchen and cabinet. Apartment kitchen is only 4-6 square meters on average. Hence, small sized range hood should be selected, such as 30 inch downdraft style hood. If the kitchen is large, there will be more options. You can choose 30 or 36 inch range hood; if it is an open kitchen, island style hood is more appropriate.
To keep the kitchen style unified, some owners will have wall cupboard made to wrap the range hood. However, massive oil and dirt produced in the cooking process will be stuck on the wall cabinet, which adds extra cleaning work and is inconvenient to disassemble. Therefore, whether range hood is embedded should be determined according to your own kitchen pattern and family situation instead of pursuing beautiful look blindly.


2. Material

Currently, there are mainly two materials for range hood, stainless steel and aluminum alloy, which are also the materials of most kitchen appliances and kitchen building materials. However, the strength of stainless steel and aluminum alloy is relatively low, and they can be scratched easily in daily use, not wear-resistant and paint-shedding easily. They tend to darken in color and lose the original luster after long-term use. Many well-known range hood brands have developed tempered glass material, which is more fashionable in design and easier to clean. Due to the reflective nature of glass, it also has a brightening effect in apartment-style kitchens or poorly lit environment. It is also very decorative in an open kitchen.

3. Function

The functions of range hood are varied, and some functions are very practical – such as smart cruise boost. Outdoor big wind can cause difficulty in exhausting fume or backflow. With the smart cruise function, the range hood will automatically increase horsepower to ensure that the fumes can be exhausted smoothly.
Another example, traditional range hoods require disassembly and cleaning, which is very troublesome. Nowadays, many new types of range hoods have intelligent self-cleaning function or internal oil-proof coating, so you don't even have to clean it yourself.

4. Horsepower

The exhaust volume of range hood is generally determined by horsepower. For households who cook often or mainly Chinese cuisine, it is preferable to choose a hood with the air volume above 700CFM. However, most of the current hoods in the North American market are only around 200-300 CFM.

5. Noise

One of the big drawbacks of range hood is noise, which is present event if it runs at the lowest gear. For the same air volume, the smaller the noise, the better; range hood with relatively small noise runs at only about 3-5Sones, which is equivalent to the volume when we usually whisper and not noisy at all.

6. Brand and after-sales service

Kitchen appliances are generally used for many years and not likely to be replaced into new products in the middle. Therefore, the quality and after-sales service of kitchen appliances are very important considerations for purchase decision. Generally, major brands such as Miele, GE and Fotile have many years of experience in production and sales. Brand quality is guaranteed, and after-sales service is also in place.

Installation note

After purchase, range hood is generally installed by professionals in a standardized and safe manner. We also need to pay attention to several issues during installation: Firstly, range hood should be installed directly above the burner, with the height of generally about 23 inches from the top of cooktop to the bottom of the hood, so as to ensure the best effect of fume extraction. Secondly, the outlet pipe of range hood should not be too long. Reasonable route should be selected without too many turns and try to avoid 90° turn, which will affect the exhaust effect. Thirdly, professional staff should be contacted for installation at home, preferably on the same day as the cabinet installation, so the height can be mutually adjusted. After the installation, on-site inspection shall be performed to see if it can be sued normally.

Choose a cooktop

When choosing a cooktop, in addition to material and appearance, energy saving, safety, environmental protection and other aspects are also very important.

1. Material appearance

The panel materials of cooktops available on the market include tempered glass and stainless steel, etc. Tempered glass panel has good appearance and fast heat conduction, which is not subject to local cracking due to heating. The safety performance of stainless steel panel is better, which can greatly reduce the adhesion of oil fume during processing, making it very easy to clean.

2. Thermal efficiency

Many people do not understand the concept of "Thermal efficiency". Simply speaking, the higher the thermal efficiency, the more sufficient the gas combustion, the faster the heat collection, and the higher the gas utilization rate, which can not only save energy but also reduce exhaust emissions.

3. Air tightness

The airtightness of cooktop is an important part that ensures the safety of use. If the airtightness of the cooktop selected and used is unqualified, it is a serious safety hazard that may cause major accident. Here is a simple detection method: Turn on the gas source, turn off the knob, brush the plastic pipe, valve body and interface chip with soap liquid. If there is no bubble, it indicates that the air tightness is good and you can rest assured upon purchase.

4. Safety protection

When purchasing a cooktop, the performance of ignition and flameout must be checked: When ignited with the electronic ignition switch, the sound should be crisp and powerful. If the sound of ignition is soft and dull, it is likely to be a low-quality fake product. In addition, cooktop must also have the flameout protection measure. If the cooktop accidentally flames out during use, the gas can be cut off automatically to ensure safe use.
Protection against dry heating: If we get a phone call or do other things when cooking, we can easily forget that there is still pot heated on the cooktop. The protection function against dry heating can judge whether the water in the pot is dried out by the temperature of pot bottom and directly cut off the fire if necessary to prevent accidents.
Protection against high temperature: Chinese cooking is based on oil, but excessively high temperature will destroy the nutrients of food and can easily produce carcinogens. Therefore, the protection function against high temperature is also very useful. As long as proper oil temperature is set, the temperature will not exceed the set value to ensure a healthy diet.

Installation note

1. Location and opening

Cooktop can be divided into integrated cooktop with oven and built-in desktop style. Generally, a place in the kitchen of a house will be reserved for the integrated cooktop with oven; the built-in desktop one is placed on the kitchen table and embedded in the kitchen counter. The position and size of opening should be determined in advance for such type of cooktop.

2. Circuit and gas path
After the position is determined, you should also prepare the electric circuit passage and sockets in advance. For example, sockets should be reserved for some cooktops with oven, which may even require a separate circuit. All these issues need to be communicated with the designer or decorator in advance.


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