3 Minutes to Understand Kitchen Storage Tips. Not enough kitchen space? That is because you don’t know about storage


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Nowadays, there are so many kitchen smart appliances. After they are all installed in the kitchen, the remaining space is less. In many small-sized households, the kitchen space is already small. Without storage skills, there might be hardly any space for pots and pans.

case 1 : Space redevelopment to expand storage capacity

When the whole cabinet and all kinds of appliances are settled in the kitchen, there will have some spare space that is easily overlooked. For places where even a corner cabinet can hardly fit, we can choose a slender grid frame or custom cabinet. Such long and narrow storage space is ideal for storing cans or bottles. Depending on the frequency of use, items can be placed at different heights.

case 2 : Special shelf for tableware

Great storage capacity is a must-have weapon for the I-type integrated kitchen cabinet.  The amazing storage space will let your kitchen bid farewell to the messy situation. The tray rack in the cabinet is suitable for storing valuable bone china plates to avoid collision with other tableware.

case 3 : Wall space expansion

Consider choosing this versatile wall hook design. It can store the seasoning cans and rags perfectly. You don't have to look for them everywhere when you need to use them.

case 4 : Corner space utilization

Multi-layer design in the cabinet makes it convenient to store commonly used items. Such a corner shelf can make the optimal use of corner space, and the turntable design is also easy to use. Such shelf can be considered for both L-shaped and U-shaped cabinets.

case 5 : Rational use of corner

Kitchen corner is a place we often overlook, and it is suitable as a storage space for spare food. The items in the storage cabinet should be clearly placed by category and put back to the original place after use. Green plants can be decorated on the counter to add a touch of life, while it is also suitable to put the food and appliances that should be protected against dampness.

case 6 : Everything at a glance, easy to access

Solid wood material is mostly adopted in the design of kitchen cabinet, but the tightness of cabinet door leads to inconvenient access to the items. Glass cabinet door can solve this problem with everything at a glance, providing great convenience of access and storage, and presenting a pleasant display of the items as well.

case 7 : Embedded appliances to expand kitchen capacity

Choose multi-door combination, which can be very user-friendly for the massive storage in the kitchen. The kitchen is furnished mostly with built-in furniture, integrated multi-door cabinet combination, built-in oven and dishwasher, plus a reasonable functional area layout, making the entire kitchen well-ordered and highly practical.

case 8 : Reasonable use of whole cabinet

Choosing an entire wall to build a cabinet is the most effective way to create a clean and neat kitchen space. Top layer of the cabinet is the best place to store rarely used items. Large capacity drawers can store and place the raw materials in an orderly manner. Commonly used cooking utensils are placed at hand with easy access, which makes the operation more convenient and the meal prepping more fun. The concealed microwave oven and refrigerator are also the secret magic of the whole cabinet.

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