How to install range hood to effectively exert its full performance?


Range Hood

To ensure good fume extraction effect, installation is an important part. Let's take a look at what aspects should be noted in range hood installation.

1. Installation location:

Range hood shall be installed directly above the cooktop to ensure that the fumes are trapped effectively.

2. Installation height:

There is certain installation height requirement for range hood. It shall not be mounted too high: Firstly, operation will be inconvenient; secondly, fumes cannot be effectively trapped, thus reducing the fume extraction effect.

3. Size of exhaust pipe (Diameter greater than or equal to 6 inches in general):

Exhaust pipe diameter is specified in the design of range hood. Only the one that meets the manufacturer's specifications can be used. Exhaust pipe diameter smaller than that designed by the manufacturer is not allowed; otherwise, it may cause noise and poor effect.

4. Exhaust pipe material:

Exhaust pipe material of range hood is also very important. Hard iron exhaust pipe has the optimal effect, followed by aluminum telescopic exhaust pipe and aluminum foil exhaust pipe. Plastic exhaust pipe is not recommended (Potential fire hazards).

5. Exhaust pipe arrangement:

The following three points should be noted for the arrangement of exhaust pipe in the installation: Firstly, exhaust pipe arrangement should be kept straight (Excess part of the telescopic exhaust pipe is preferably removed or fixed together). Secondly, minimize the turning of the exhaust pipe, preferably no more than 3 turns. There shall be curvature when turning, right angle or sharp turn shall be avoided. Thirdly, outer wall windshield air outlet baffle can be easily opened. The filter shall not be too dense, otherwise the air outlet will be clogged by grease and dust over time.

Note: When using range hood, it is better to shut the doors and windows at home to reduce air convection.

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