Tri-Ring Burner for efficient and versatile cooking

Tri-Ring Burner

FOTILE Tri-Ring center burner is a versatile burner capable of delivering high heat for stir frying, searing,
and pan frying or delivering low consistent heat for delicate items.The Tri-Ring Burner also provides
directional heat to the pan by positioning the flame based on which burner ring you turn on. From high
heat output to low accurate temperature control, the FOTILE Tri-Ring Burner is perfect for all cuisines
requiring different levels of heat.


21000 BTU center burner

Whether you are looking to power boil water quickly, or
need quick high intense heat for sautéing, frying, or sear-
ing, the 21,000 BTU Tri-Ring Burner has maximum efficien-
cy. You can use the included Wok Ring on the tri-ring
burner for additional cuisines.

Simmer burner

A dedicated 3000 BTU Simmer burner allows accurate and
consistent heat for delicate cuisines.

Griddle burners

Two left burners deliver 13,000 BTUs each offering high
heat along with optional griddle control. Pre-set optimal
griddle temp control. Simply turn the two left burners to the
Black Circle mark to use the optional griddle. Use the
griddle to cook breakfast foods, grill sandwiches, and sauté


Flame Failure Detection Device

If the flame goes out accidentally, a safety device will be
activated and automatically cut off the gas supply to the
cooktop even if the burner knob is still on.

Four-sided turn-over design

With four-sided turn-over design, GLS30501
won’t hurt your hands.

Human-centered design

Easy to clean

The GLS30501 is easy to clean. It features sealed
burners so liquids will not seep into the burner mechanism.
The burner caps and cast-iron cooking grates are removable
so you canhand wash them in warm water and soap, and
then you can wipe down the cooktop surface to keep it clean.

Fast Ignition System

FOTILE's cooktop has a Fast Ignition System which lights
the flame in 1 to 3 seconds. When the burner knob is released,
the solenoid valve will not cut off power immediately as
it will still provide continuous energy to the ignition needle.

Continuous Cast Iron Grates

FOTILE's cooktop uses Cast Iron cooking grates that run
from edge to edge on the cooktop. This means, you will always
have space to put small and large pots and pans no matter what
size or shape they are. It also allows you to move a hot heavy pot
easily and safely from one burner to another if you need to.
Continuous edge to edge grates makes it easier to cook on your
cooktop surface. Cast Iron grates also offer long lasting performance.


The heating efficiency of this cooktop is prominently higher than traditional
cooktops, saving at least 77 hours every year if you cook for a family of three.

Versatile Tri-Ring

21,000 BTU Center Burner

Total Number of Burners


Flame Failure Detection Safety Device


Continuous Heavy Duty Cast Iron Grates


Fast Ignition System


Included Wok Ring & Optional Griddle

Sell All Specifications


Fuel Type


Surface Width


Number of Burners




1 Year


5 Years

Construction type

Color of frame / surface

Stainless Steel - 304 food grade

Installation type


Number of gas burners


Type of grate


grate material

Cast iron

Propane (LP) Convertible


Propane Conversion Kit Included


Size and Weight

Overall appliance dimensions (WxDxH) (in)

30 X 21 X 5 1/4

Cut out dimension(WxD)

Min 28 1/2 – Max 29 x Min 19 5/8 – Max 20 1/8

Net weight (lbs)

55 lbs.

Minimum distance from counter front (in)


Minimum distance from rear wall (in)

2 7/8


Burner sealness

Sealed Burners

Type of safety device for gas


Safety device/ignition type

Flame Failure Device/fast ignition

Location of gas connection




Frequency (Hz)

60 Hz

Energy source


Power Cord Included


Power Cord Length

51 3/16 total, 39 3/8 outside (some parts are inside the cooktop bottom)


Included accessories

3 Cast Iron Pan Support cooktop with 5 burners, wok Ring, manuals, Installation Kit, Propane (LP) Conversion Kit

Burner Ratings


21,000 BTU

Left Front

13,000 BTU

Left Rear

13,000 BTU

Right Front

6,000 BTU

Right Rear

3,000 BTU

Color/Finish feature



Control Location





Spec Sheet


Installation Guide