Best Warranty In the Industry


After the customer picks up the product, it is suggested not to open the box. Instead, waiting for the technician to open the box.
    A) if there is any quality problem with the product recognised after opening the box, it can be replaced or returned.
    B) if there is no quality problem, a 10%-25% unpacking charge will be charged for returning, and a 5% handling fee will be charged if the box is not unpacked.
2. If the customer purchased the product online and return it, the customer shall bear the round-trip mailing fee. Other regulations are the same as above.
In particular, the following conditions are not refundable:
    1.Any product that is not officially sold by Fotile Canada;
    2.Over-insurance products (products that exceed the warranty period);
    3.Unauthorized repair, misuse, collision, negligence, abuse, liquid injection, accident, alteration, improper installation caused product quality problems, or tearing, alteration of the label, machine serial number, anti-counterfeiting mark;
    4.The outer packaging, accessories, gifts (vouchers) of the product (required to be returned together with the main products), the instructions are incomplete, and the (vouchers) invoices are missing or altered;
    5.The product has been used (except quality problems);
    6.Others situations that should not apply for the return policy.
    7.For problems caused by improper operation or environmental restrictions, it needs to be certified by the professional on-site: If it is not a product quality problem, the customer must bear the maintenance cost or the return cost.


FOTILE Provides three-year limited warranty for all products, the first year warranty includes parts and labor, and limited lifetime warranty for motor. FOTILE maintains a professional support team devoted to ensuring the most professional and satisfying level of service for each consumer.