Designed for the American Kitchen
Discover Consummate Quality

A plethora of style options ensures the perfect match for your kitchen. Combines design and performance to improve the usability and comfort of your kitchen.

Double Centrifugal Fan System
90° Automatic Fume Baffle Plate
6sf Super Large Covering Area
30in Extra-wide Fume Inlet

Return to the Flavors of Home

While in a foreign country, it is easy to long for the flavors of home. But how can you flash-fry spring rolls or stir-fry pork liver in a kitchen without a proper range hood? FOTILE range hoods make your hometown seem less far away and bring the flavors of home back within reach, making it easy to satisfy your cravings. The double centrifugal fan system, 90° automatic fume baffle plate, 6sf super large covering area, 30” extra-wide fume inlet let you cook without a care. The kitchen is your home turf; make sure it stays free of cooking fumes!

Made for All Types of Kitchen Cabinets Expert
Quality At Your Side

The perfect compliment for all inset kitchen cabinets. Give your kitchen the highest quality range hood design and eliminate awkward mismatches with designer cabinets. With no need for a gap between the range hood and the upper cabinets, your kitchen will make a powerful impression. Our variety of styles is sure to match all different types of kitchen cabinets. Get rid of the hassle of remodeling without compromising on quality.

  • ▼ No need to renovate your kitchen; perfectly compliments all inset kitchen cabinets
  • ▼ No need to maintain a certain distance from the upper cabinets after installing; select the decorative panel that makes the kitchen more pleasing to the eye
  • ▼ Decorative cover available for kitchens without upper cabinets for worry-free design

Easy to Clean
Upgrade the Experience in Your Kitchen

One look at a range hood covered in sticky grease after cooking makes you never want to enter the kitchen again. Fortunately, FOTILE has dedicated itself to improving your kitchen experience from start to finish. The JQG7501’s detachable folding oil net is easy to remove and fold for cleaning in the dishwasher. The single-panel screen is easy to wipe clean, helping your kitchen retain that brand-new look that keeps every moment spent in the kitchen enjoyable.

Focused on User Experience, We Always Think About YOU

How can you cook with ease in dim lighting? What happens when you accidentally hit a button while cleaning the panel? How do you get rid of leftover grease after cooking?
FOTILE considers every moment of the cooking experience from every angle on your behalf. A lock screen design that prevents accidental contact, an oversized oil cup that is removable in a single pull… our user-oriented design lets you cook without a care.

Screen Lock Functionality
Press and hold for two seconds to lock screen. Single panel construction for cleaning anyway you please.
Time Delay Function
Turns on when you start cooking, completely removes cooking fumes within two minutes, automatic shutdown for peace of mind
Powerful Light
Illuminance of 500 lux, penetrating light lets you see the real color of your food