The All-New FOTILE High-Power LOHAS Stove


When hunger strikes, nothing hits the spot like the sizzling sound of meat stir-frying in the pan.

When you want to make an authentic Chinese recipe, heating power is the heart of the matter. However, many Chinese-style dishes need to be stir-fried over a fierce flame in order to achieve the best results. A mother who is used to Chinese cooking will be dissatisfied with the low-powered Western stoves: what should be a hearty fry in the pan becomes tedious stewing! It’s just not possible to attain the right flavour.

When considering a high-power stove, how should you select between Chinese and Western options?

In fact, well-known brands like FOTILE have now caught up with Western brands in terms of both technology and design; some have even achieved an advantage in certain technologies. In addition, Chinese-made stoves are more and more suited to the habits and cooking needs of not only Chinese people, but also western people. As a result, increasing numbers of people in the world are choosing to purchase Chinese-made stoves.

Cooking is relaxing when you know you’ll save time cleaning

As the saying goes, “haste makes waste.”
This is especially true when entertaining guests at home.
Fortunately, FOTILE’s lotus-leaf-shaped alloy panel gets clean fast,
even after coming into contact with sauces and oils.
Clean freak? The removable knobs and burners address any hygiene concerns.
Now you can relax and show your guests a good time!

Alloy plus panel

Fingerprint-proof and easy to clean

High-performance knob controls

Stays cool as temperature rises and won't burn hands even after prolonged use

LOHAS Series