Full fire power, cook unlimited delicacy

FOTILE EPS series Hob, efficient with direct injector, high heat stir-frying, stable fire soup stewing, saving time and effort, FOTILE technology can meet all your demands for delicacy cooking

High-efficiency and direct-injection adds culinary strength to the kitchen

Ever get home from work and drudge into the kitchen, knowing that cooking is about to eat up all of your family time? Free yourself from the shackles of too much time spent in the kitchen with a high efficiency stove. The mixture of natural gas and air provides up to a 60% increase in thermal efficiency making for more efficient combustion. With less time spent on cooking, there's naturally more time to spend with family.

14Save gas(Unit / gas) 12.5Save time(Unit / hour)

Full-strength cooking power for an explosion of flavor

Every family is looking for food that is delicious and healthy. Stir frying leafy green vegetables preserves the chlorophyll's nutritional content while imparting a rich taste. In the unending quest for culinary excitement, you need the uncommon strength of 4850W cooking power, oversized burners and dedicated angle of flame to achieve the best flavors.

4850W High heat stir-frying 110mm Burner 40° Flame angle

Our steady flame means victory for delicate stewing with more nutrition

Ever made a pot of stew, but returned after a while to find out the burner was out and the stew was not even hot? This happens when using the stove with natural gas at the peak period of cooking or that with bottled gas which results in issues as flameout. Our double stabilize flame ring design accurately addresses flame instability and comes outfitted with 52 fire holes and other heat control settings. The secret to delicious meals is hidden in the flame.

Double stabilize flame ring 52 flame ports

12 types of protection for safety from the inside out

Every type of protection makes sure that you can enjoy cooking with peace of mind

Withstands flameout Withstands liquids Withstands liquids Care-free for wild child Witshstands gas leakage

EPS Series