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8 Ways To Make Your Kitchen Appear Bigger!

Ever since I moved into my new home, I have always wanted to create a spacious kitchen to call my own. After all, feeling more comfortable while you cook should help improve the meals you make! Now, we’re all guilty of the “I don’t use it but I can’t just not have it!” mindset. While for many of us, this is painfully true and can lead to an overcrowded kitchen. As we stockpile more and more things, the less space we have. The worst moment is not being able to find the right seasoning in a crowded cabinet and having to take them out one by one. Bottles and cans get placed on the table in a mess (I can go on all day). Not only does this disturb the rhythm of our cooking, but it also makes the experience a chore when it should be fun.

How to install a FOTILE range hoods

FOTILE range hoods are an excellent addition to any kitchen filled with beauty and above all, brilliant use. Here are some tips to install FOTILE range hoods:

How to Choose the Right Range Hood for Your Kitchen: The Complete Beginner’s Guide

As an essential kitchen appliance, your range hood has a direct impact on your overall cooking experience— but with so many brands available on the market, even a quick glance at listings on Amazon could easily leave you feeling overwhelmed. As you’ll see when you begin your research, there are options available for every budget. In general, each range hood’s price ultimately depends on a number of factors, such as filtration capabilities, motor speed, noise level, and overall ease of use, to name a few. So, how do you find the right range hood to meet your unique cooking needs?

How to Clean Your Range Hood: The Ultimate Guide

As your main guard against cooking vapors and smoke, it’s only natural that your range hood will accumulate a thin layer of grease after each use. This is why it’s so important to keep up with regular cleaning— especially during hotter months or when cooking at high temperatures. So, how exactly do you clean a range hood? Here are FOTILE’s top tips: