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Continuous development and innovation in kitchen appliances technology for you

For the past twenty years, FOTILE has continuously accumulated every small technological innovation and progress, refreshing the amazing cook experience for the world.

To Build a Better Home for You

  • 30000000+

    More than 30000000 families in the world are enjoying the quality life endowed by FOTILE.

  • 12,000+

    We have more than 18000 employees,who are dedicated to bringing the best kitchen experience to every family.

  • 30+

    We pride ourselves to have products sold to more than30countries, and more in the future...

Science and Technology will Upgrade the Kitchen Life Experience for You

In order to create the healthy and comfortable kitchen experience, we constantly improve our research and development in kitchen appliances products.
  • 86000 ft²

    In the86000ft² laboratory we have conducted thousands of times of tests.

  • 1

    As the first state-level enterprise technology center, we focus on the research of the usability of kitchen appliances products .

  • 700+

    We boast of more than 700 national standards.

  • 100+

    More than 100 patents of invention are the crystallization of wisdom.

Persistent on the aesthetic pursuit for home

From 2007 to 2015, we won a total of 9 iF awards and 9 reddot awards, and the number of awards we win is ranking top in the kitchen electric appliances industry.

* As of May 2016

We have set the quality benchmark for the industry development

We constantly innovate and develop, in pursuit of our own progress, and moreover, focus on the world and the future, to promote the development of the global kitchen appliances industry.

By the end of 2015, the revision of state and industry standards presided over by FOTILE has amounted to more than 700.

As the most recognizable kitchen appliances brand to come out of China, we have successfully sponsored and spearheaded an amendment to the International Electrotechnical Commission’s (IEC) standard for household appliances. This was the first time in history that a Chinese kitchen appliances brand guided the amendment of an international standard. It was a testament to the quality and commitment of FOTILE that the IEC, and the world were taking notice of the scientific and technological innovations coming out of China.

Create more values for you with high quality service

  • 3700+

    More than 3700 service engineers in the world to guarantee the quality of service.

  • 70

    70 service centers all over the world, to meet your demand with great strength.

  • 1500

    More than 1500 global service networks to solve your problem at any time.

  • 7×24h

    We provide service in bilingual, and we are always online

Provide high-end kitchen life template

We have 70 +developer partners world-wide.