A Professional Tri-Ring Cooktop
That Meets All Your Cooking Needs

FOTILE GLS30501 Cooktop can make cooking enjoyable and convenient

with easy and fast ignition, precise and swift flame control, and meticulous protection.

Professional Tri-Ring

High Output Center Burner

21000BTU High Heat + Wok Ring
The main burner of GLS30501 features a diverse control range of heat 2500BTU to 21000BTU.
It can easily be controlled to offer the precise heat amount for diverse types of cooking whether it be power boiling or stir-frying with the included wok ring attachment.


Both burner and burner cover are made of pure copper, which offers more effective thermal conductivity than

aluminum-alloyed cast iron.

Burners made of copper are not only outstanding in appearance, but are also able to withstand high

temperatures, making them much more durable.

One Cooktop Meets All Your Cooking Needs

GLS30501 Tri-ring Burner Cooktop offers temperatures ranging from 1200BTU to 21000BTU
The five well-designed burners offer different temperature ranges for different dishes and cuisines.
Whether you want to cook fish, steak, paella, or tacos,GLS30501 Tri-ring Burner Cooktop can always satisfy all your cooking needs.

Two Burners with Medium to High Heat Output along with Griddle Control

The two left burners of GLS30501 are designed with identical specifications.
They deliver 13000BTUs each, offering medium to high heat along with control of the optional griddle pan.

Easy to clean

It features sealed burners which prevent spills and drips from entering the burner box.
The inner edges of the panel have been rounded so that food residue can be easily removed.Both knobs and burners are removable.

Well Thought Out in Every Detail

Flame Failure Device
Four-Sided Turn-Over Design
Use of insulation materials to avoid
the risk of accidental burns
Sophisticated craftsmanship
Compatible with many
types of pots and pans
Continuous Heavy Duty
Cast Iron Grates
Fast ignition