MASTER series oven for a more free baking experience

2.47 cu ft large baking space, universal temperature control, humanized design, environmental protection and energy saving.

2.47 cu ft effective baking space, there is tolerance

2.47 cu ft large baking space, with the ability to bake 80 cookies at a time, even if you open a party at home on weekends, you can enjoy cooking.

Abandoning traditional change
Extensive temperature control, changing according to needs, uniform temperature in the same layer

It is the perfect assistant for West Point Baker. It uses 5 heating tubes, 172 degree baffle arc and professional baking mode, so you can perfect the roast steak, hurricane cake and even macaron. Control, say goodbye to the different levels of troubles in the same layer.

Design Details Show How Much We Care About You

Feeling the comfort of the oven door automatically and gently close, feeling the convenience of observing the food state every moment of cooking, feeling the easy to pull out the grill pan and no scald worried peace of mind, all of those comes from FOTILE understanding you. The party is perfecting the cooking experience of each family and it is the original intention.

 Visualize large windows  Damping hinge  Grill stop design  Easy to operate

Environment Friendly and Energy Saving

Class A energy efficiency, power saving, time saving, and energy saving compared with traditional ovens. At the same time, the LOW-E coated glass door is used to lower the temperature of the door to the human body's acceptance range. Even if accidentally touched, there is no concern about burns.

From FOTILE laboratory test data
20% Every time you use the oven, you can save power
FOTILE oven / power consumption
0.8 Electricity
Traditional oven / power consumption
Miss Gu likes to eat caramel milk pudding, 30 minutes per baking

MASTER oven series