FOTILE Steam Oven
for a delicious and healthy meal

Dynamic Steam cooking technology with precise temperature control, and eight intelligent cooking modes.

Original and Delicious

The dynamic steam balancing technology ensures the tender taste of delicate foods such as fish, shrimp, and crabs.
Cooked with just the perfect amount of fresh steam at a precise temperature, we lock in the foods freshness providing healthy and delicious tasting food.
The FOTILE Steam Oven can also prepare multiple foods at once without effecting the taste.

Steam Precision Cooking

Adjustable temperature range of 86˚F - 212˚F to meet different steam cooking methods with total accuracy.
Use a thermal probe to adjust the accuracy to 34℉ and choose a better cooking temperature.
Careful and meticulous, it is delicious and full of thoughtfulness.

Fermented yogurt

Steamed egg tart

Steamed squid

Yogurt fermentation is at 102˚F initially, but then is increased to 113˚ F for the best taste.
Steamed egg tarts, 203˚F High temperature provides perfect preservation of water with accurate cooking
For Steamed squid, choose the steam fish intelligent cook mode and have tender tasting squid.

Easy Operation

Whether you are cooking a nutritious meal or a
casual desert, it is easy to create with the
FOTILE Steam Oven. With 8 Intelligent cook
modes, you can be a culinary expert and create
delicious tasting foods.

FOTILE Steam Ovens Series