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WhisPower System
Bionic lmpeller features aerodynamic technologies to cut down on friction and noise,assuring extremely powerful and quiet operation.
FOTILE Pixie Air™
Whisper Power
30” Under Cabinet Range Hoods

Max. EQUIV. CFM: 850
400Pa Max.Static Pressure
37dB Minimum Noise Level
CFM Adjustment Tech
lntelligent Air Management System
Motion /Touch Activation
Delay Shutoff

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350Pa Max.Static Pressure
37dB Minimum Noise Level
CFM Adjustment Tech
Intelligent Air Management System
Push Buttons

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Tri-Ring Burner Versatile Cooking Human-centered Design
FOTILE Tri-Ring Burner 30’’ Gas Cooktop
Versatile Tri-Ring 21,000 BTU Center Burner
Total Number of Burners 5
Flame Failure Detection Safety Device
Continuous Heavy Duty Cast Iron Grates
Included Wok Ring & Optional Griddle
Fast Ignition System
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Kitchen Appliance Packages Up to $450

UQS3001 + GLS30501


UQG3002 + GLS30501


JQG7505 + GLS30501


JQG9001+ GLS30501


EMS9018 + GLS30501


EMG9030 + GLS30501


SAVE Time, Energy, Water Health Built with Your Family in Mind
Save Time
A standard wash cycle in the FOTILE 3-N-1 In-Sink
Dishwasher, takes 45 minutes compared to 90 minutes for a
traditional dishwasher.
Save Water
FOTILE 3-N-1 In-Sink Dishwasher only uses 3.2 gallons of
water on a standard wash compared to 6 gallons for a
standard dishwasher.
Save Energy
The average energy consumption of this product is 180
kwh/year while traditional dishwashers use 290 kwh/year
every year.
360° deep cleaning
The FOTILE rotary all-angle water spray provides 360-degree
deep cleaning. FOTILE’s standard 5-step dish washing
system removes 99.99% E.Coli and Staphylococcus Aureus as
well as other bacteria.
Our Produce cleaner uses our patented
triple-cleaning-system removing dirt and eliminating
90%+ of pesticide residue from fruit and vegetables.
Perfect for small families
The size of the dishwasher and the sink are engineered to
to perfectly serve small families
Save Space
By combining the dishwasher, produce cleaner, and a sink,
the FOTILE 3-in-1 In-Sink Dishwasher frees up space in your
kitchen to make more room.
Ergonomic Design
The countertop design benefits a broader demographic as it
eliminates customers from having to bend over.
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FOTILE 3rd GEN of side-draft range hood,
More features, more powerful
New technology, new kitchen experience
First side-draft
Range hood with super powerful DC Motor
Wave to Turn on/ off
The ultimate weapon to get rid of cooking smoke
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30”Best seller of side-draft range hood
90° Automatic fume baffle plate,
Automatically open touch screen
and easy to use
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36”Side-draft range hood is coming!
90° fume baffle plate,
36”extra-wide fume inlet
Not afraid of four-burners range,
super-large covering area
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30”Side-draft range hood, simple but
unique powerful suction,
ultra-quiet and high-end looking
Designed for US Kitchen
90° normally open fume baffle plate,
and easy to clean
Mechanic buttons, simple and reliable
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Overhead range hood
Innovative wing-like surround suction
plate technology
High cost effective range hood,
36”without cabinet range hood
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Overhead range hood upgrades
FOTILE W first automatically adjustment in America
wing-like surround Suction plate powerful
smoke collection and buffer ability*
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*Note:There was no visible smoke in the FOTILE laboratory

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