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FOTILE brand new HoodPlus shocked release, "unmanned" hood landed in North America


On November 8th, FOTILEheld a new product launch conference in Silicon Valley, California, with thetheme of “Leading Evolution,Boundless Love”. At the launch, FOTILElaunched two products, one was intelligent lift hood, EMG9030, another one wasa new V-Series range hood, JQG9001. More than 120 guests including distributors,industry experts, media, and loyal users attended the event.

Inorder to bring the high performance range hood to the US market, FOTILE enteredthe United States in 2012. At the beginning, FOTILE did not directly introducedexisting products to the United States. Instead, we teamed up with IDEO, aworld-renowned new product research organization, to conduct dozens of usersfrom different regions, family backgrounds and living environments in theUnited States.

FOTILEspecializes in developing customized products for the US market. Throughcontinuous efforts, FOTILE’s products have been widely praised in the UnitedStates in recent years. On Amazon, most users who bought the hood JQG7501 gavea 5-star rating, and this product is currently among the best in NorthAmerica's Amazon high-priced hood. The true evaluation of consumers is asfollows:

“Thisis the hearty hood you can buy”

"Ifinally found the hood I dreamed of."

"Supersuction,super professional, no longer have to worry about full housefumes."


Boundless Love - the goalof innovation is happiness

Ifthere are two types of range hoods in the world, then one is called a rangehood, and another is called FOTILE. FOTILE is not producing Hood, but HoodPlus.The new HoodPlus is designed for North American consumers! “HoodPlus, more thana hood!”


HoodPlusis a new category that is different from other traditional American hoods. As akitchen electric appliance that enhances user happiness and is environmentallyfriendly, it has a powerful range hood to ensure good smoke absorption. Despiteits power, the high-efficiency static suction technology makes the sound verysoft and pleasant, providing users with a quiet and comfortable cookingenvironment. In addition, HoodPlus features a separate cleaning mode that usesa material that is less prone to oil and is easy to remove and wash, making iteasier for users to clean.


In2015, FOTILE proposed a new brand vision of “becoming a great company”.At thebeginning of 2018, FOTILE announced a new corporate mission "for thehappiness of hundreds of millions of families.", which means not only wehave high-quality products, but also we create meaningful and beautifulproducts.

Leadingevolution - there is a range hood called FOTILE 


TheHoodPlus FOTILE V series released this time, including 30 and 36-inches twosizes, black and silver gray two colors, touch and button two operationmethods.


Indesign, FOTILE inherits the O-touch design that was jointly created with IEDOand won the iF design award in Germany. On the touch, you can see the stylish,simple orange aperture. The creative side suction sinking design is closer tothe cookware so that can easily exhaust cooking fumes. The smoke inlet isdesigned to absorb the soot at the most suitable time and position at the rightheight. The unique smoke screen design not only prevents the spread of soot,but also prevents the fumes from contacting the facial skin, and increases thearea covered by the hood by 150% (1). The smoke inlet is from left to right,close to the smoke inlet of the width of the fuselage, and the suction isevenly covered. Don't worry if you stir up. The minimum noise is only 40decibels. The grease separation is 92%, the kitchen is no longer greasy; theodor reduction is 98% (2)Even when you fry peppers, there’s no odor at all!

Note:(1)(2): Data from FOTILE Laboratory



TheEMG9030 is FOTILE’s first "unmanned" intelligent range hood.

Itsthree qualities are on the unparalleled strength of the market.

1.Built-in smoke sensitive sensor can automatically identify the sootconcentration;

2.After identification, firmly control the soot non-diffusion by lifting thebutterfly wing suction plate at a suitable position;

3.According to the current soot concentration and environmental resistance, thesuper-speed shift matches the appropriate speed suction.

Inother words, you only need to press the Auto button and you can concentrate oncooking, and leave other things to range hood EMG9030.


Industry Forum


Atthe press conference, FOTILE also invited IDEO Design Company, experts from HVIAmerican air volume testing agency and beauty experts to discuss the damagecaused by kitchen fumes.

Inthe future, FOTILE will continue to develop products that are more suitable forAmerican families. FOTILE shoulders the corporate mission of“for the happinessof hundreds of millions of families” and brings love and happiness to moreAmerican families.