Wave to Turn On/Off
Innovative Dual Motors
Quick Stir-Fry-Mode
Extra-wide Fume Inlet

Made for All Types of Kitchen Cabinets Expert
Quality At Your Side

The perfect compliment for all inset kitchen cabinets. Give your kitchen the highest quality range hood design and eliminate awkward mismatches with designer cabinets. With no need for a gap between the range hood and the upper cabinets, your kitchen will make a powerful impression. Our variety of styles is sure to match all different types of kitchen cabinets. Get rid of the hassle of remodeling without compromising on quality.

  • ▼ No need to renovate your kitchen; perfectly compliments all inset kitchen cabinets(01Series JQG7501)
  • ▼ No need to maintain a certain distance from the upper cabinets after installing; select the decorative panel that makes the kitchen more pleasing to the eye(01Series JQG7501)
  • ▼ Decorative cover available for kitchens without upper cabinets for worry-free design(01Series JQG7501)
  • ▼05Series JQG7505
  • ▼05Series JQG7505
  • ▼02Series JQG7502
  • ▼01Series JQG7501.G
  • ▼01Series JQG7501.G

Easy to Clean
Upgrade the Experience in Your Kitchen

One look at a range hood covered in sticky grease after cooking makes you never want to enter the kitchen again. Fortunately, FOTILE has dedicated itself to improving your kitchen experience from start to finish. The JQG7501’s detachable folding oil net is easy to remove and fold for cleaning in the dishwasher. The single-panel screen is easy to wipe clean, helping your kitchen retain that brand-new look that keeps every moment spent in the kitchen enjoyable.

Focused on User Experience, We Always Think About YOU

How can you cook with ease in dim lighting? What happens when you accidentally hit a button while cleaning the panel? How do you get rid of leftover grease after cooking?
FOTILE considers every moment of the cooking experience from every angle on your behalf. A lock screen design that prevents accidental contact, an oversized oil cup that is removable in a single pull… our user-oriented design lets you cook without a care.

Screen Lock Functionality
Press and hold for two seconds to lock screen. Single panel construction for cleaning anyway you please.
Time Delay Function
Turns on when you start cooking, completely removes cooking fumes within two minutes, automatic shutdown for peace of mind
Powerful Light
Illuminance of 500 lux, penetrating light lets you see the real color of your food
  • Awesome installation bringing more attraction

    Smart matching with all styles and sizes for every kitchen
    User-friendly design creating more perfect kitchen for you

  • Extraordinary clean realm "Fume" free

    Easy to maintain, easy to clean, no more struggle against greasy kitchen
    Enjoy every moment in the kitchen physically and mentally

  • Everything is under control in the small horizon.

    In the small kitchen, stew a pot of tomato sirloin, make two sauteed vegetables, accompanied by delicious steamed rice; that is the taste of home, and the smell of love.




  • These are designed specifically for Asian style cooking, the western style range hood from Home Depot and Lowes just don’t have the suction power to deal with it. We just moved to a new house, at the last house, we installed PacAir (妈妈乐) fan that was rated at 960CFM, it did its job but it was very noisy at full power, we could not carry out normal conversation when the fan is running. FOTILE JQG7501 is much quieter than PacAir and sucks fumes better than PacAir. The customer support team of Fotile did great job to coordinate the installation. The installation team did a great job as you can see they are fearless, LOL. Overall we are very happy with the whole experience buying/install the FOTILE JQG7501. BTW, the hood can exhaust from both top and back, but by exhausting from the back, the efficiency will suffer, so we decided to go with the most efficiency/expensive/proper way of installation. So far as good.
    — — Griffin
  • After 3+ month of using this machine, I think it is the time to write the review.
    Before I purchased this range hood, I had researched through the products on the market, including Broan E64E30ss+Broan Exterior blower. I chose Fotile because it is a reputable brand in China and they are specialized in designing and manufacturing range hood. I trust them more than those European brands. I think they have more experience of dealing with high heat cooking, such as stir fry, etc. And my family in China had used Fotile products for years, they all love Fotile. Plus I love the appearance of this range hood. I love the contemporary stylish design.

    1. Suction power: Five stars. You can see clearly in the video clip.
    I cook stir-fried dishes, Indian Curry, pan fried meat all the time, this machine had never let me down. Before I had it, I had to open the windows in my kitchen and dining room to let the smell go away. After we installed this machine, unless I am leaning over the stove top, I couldn't smell anything.

    2. Noise: Five Stars. When I had to make the decision between this one and the Broan range hood with exterior blower, one of my major concern about Fotile product was the noise. I downloaded a noise testing app to test, when it was running on high suction, the noise was around 75dB. Of course, it was not tested under the ideal condition. I cannot isolate the background noise. The noise level is tolerable. Plus, I only need run it on high power when I am doing stir fry. It wouldn't last more than five minutes to complete the dish.In the other cooking situation, the medium power is sufficient to solve most of the problems.

    3. Easy to Clean: Five Stars.I usually take off the filter every two weeks and wipe off the excess grease on the filter then dump it into the dish washer.
I feel like they put some thing like Teflon coating on the interior surface. I spray some all purpose cleaner on the panel between the fans, the grease is really easy to be wiped off.

    — — Lindsay
  • It's really pretty. Easy to clean. And the open board design makes the suction area wide enough to cover our counter top, which is an important reason we choose this. The noise level is low but provides enough suction. Almost removes all the smell from cooking. Worth the money!
    — — Wei Wei
  • We purchased this unit to replace our under counter mounted microwave / hoodfan. The microwave was so hard to keep clean and this unit looked like it would preform better as an over the cook top vent.
    If you follow the links to the site the installation is exactily as the video shows.
    We completed our install in about 2 hours. The only trouble we had placing the unit was the need to drill holes as our back splash is full tile in the cook top area.
    Its a great product, fully worth the 5 stars.
    — — John M Jones
  • It's really pretty. Easy to clean. And the open board design makes the suction area wide enough to cover our counter top, which is an important reason we choose this. The noise level is low but provides enough suction. Almost removes all the smell from cooking. Worth the money!
    — — Amazon Customer