FOTILE steam oven, steam the healthy new delicacy

Dynamic steam balance technology, Dual steam generator, 1-degree precise temperature control, Eight intelligent cooking modes.

Steaming preserves food's original flavor and texture

To maintain the flavors and textures of seafood, you just need to use our dynamic steam balance technology. Using fresh steam to add heat while expelling stale steam preserves food's freshness. Even when cooking a variety of dishes, no odor is transferred from one dish to the other.

Precise steam with temperature control within 1℉

Adjustable temperature range from 86—212℉ meets the steaming requirements of a variety of foods.
A thermometer sensor to the nearest 1℉ allows you to select exactly the right temperature for cooking.
Exquisite attention to details lets you experience your food's flavor to its fullest potential.

Ferment yogurt

Steam egg custard

Steam perch

Ferment yogurt, preliminary control at 102℉ and later stage not above 113℉ to keep the best taste
Steam egg custard, 203℉ temperature, perfectly preserve the moisture, not easy to be over-baked
Steam perch, select steam fish mode, 212℉ steaming for 15 minutes with fresh and tender taste

Eight intelligent cooking modes for easy steaming

Easily make a nutritious meal or a leisurely dessert. With eight intelligent cooking modes,
it is hard not to give in to the temptation of your inner five-star chef and pursue your culinary dreams.

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