FOTILE MASTER series of electric ovens,freer baking experience

70L ultra large capacity, Multi-temperatural zone precision control, Humanized design, Environmental Friendly and energy saving.

Cook it all with 70L effective capacity

With 70L capacity, FOTILE MASTER series oven can make 80 cookies at a time. Go ahead and throw a party this weekend, FOTILE MASTER series oven will make cooking for it a breeze.

A revolutionary departure from tradition.
Wide range of tempreture meets various needs and precision uniform temperature control ensures that each layer maintains an even temperature.

Turn you into perfect assistant of western baker, Initiate the application of 5 heating elements, optimal 172 degrees of the hot-air filter with professional baking mode Make you perfectly competent no matter you are baking steak, chiffon cake or even macarons Temperature precision control, bid farewell to the trouble of same layer but different temperature

We know your needs and consider every detail

Because we understand you, we don’t miss a single detail. From the comfort of the oven door’s soft closing, to the convenience of being able to observe your food’s cooking progress at any moment, to feeling relaxed when you pull out grill and tray without the fear of getting burned; it all comes from the way we understand you. We are dedicated to improving the cooking experience of every family.

 Oversized Window  Damping hinge  Anti-spill grill/tray design  Easy to Use

Energy-efficient green design for more efficient baking

The A-level energy-efficient design that consumes less energy than a traditional oven. At the same time, the LOW-E coated glass door keeps the door's temperature in a range acceptable to the human body so there is no risk of burn, even in the case of accidental contact.

(Sourced from FOTILE lab test data)
20% Every oven is used to help you save electricity
FOTILE Electric oven
0.8 kWh
Traditional Electric oven
1.0 kWh
Ms. Gu likes caramel milk pudding, and it takes 30 minutes to make it every time

MASTER Electric Ovens