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Besties’s Secret


“New haircut”, Liqing couldn’twait any longer to share her picture in Wechat moments as she still in the barbersalon. It was still working time so there was rare comment from her friends. Thinkingabout the mission she needed to complete, no hesitation, she headed tosupermarket.    

Two days later, it would comethe Chinese new year. Her father-in-law and mother-in-law would fly from LA toNew York to enjoy the family time. It was the first time that they come to herhouse after wedding. The couple had left China for decades, but they valuedChinese tradition very much. Trying to make the old couple delight, Liqingasked for a leave specifically to prepare an authentic Chinese new year evefeast.  

Back to home, she received manycomments in Moments. One mentioned her to take care of her hair from beingruined by cooking smoke. But she got her confidence and reply, “I have my magictools Jenny recommended.” The curiosity was aroused, but Liqing and Jenny toldno more. It seemed that everything should be clear only in the New Yeareve.  

Parents-in-law arrived one daybefore the New Year eve. Liqing arrange a western-style dinner for themexpecting to leave the “best show” at last in New Year eve. 

As for the New Year eve, no oneknew the story in her kitchen but see many delicacies picture and her glowingphoto with parents-in-law. What’s the magic tool? The answer was showed with apicture named “a rose in kitchen”. Liqing said, “Thanks to Jenny, my magic toolis just Fotile range hood behind this rose.”Then Jenny told others, “I justbecame Fotile distributor. Liqing is the first one I recommend this product. Asshe really got good from it, I’m delightful.”  

The happiness wascontinuing in this Spring Festival that Jenny got orders from all her besties.