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Witness the Extraordinary of FOTILE V


The elders say, pregnant will be moresensitive to even the slightest sound around. But During my pregnancy, sense ofsmell has been sharper. It should be a good thing by rights, yet a kind of “torture”for me as a dining at home pregnant. 

When I was expecting, I stayed at home for 2months. One month I was in my mother-in-law’ place, the other one month I spentin my mother’s place. Leaving with mother-in-law, I would feel so sick when itwas cooking time. Therefore, I kept far away from kitchen when they werecooking. Mother-in-law also cared about me very much to close the kitchen door.But all of these were finally in vain. So I could only go back to my mom’splace. To my surprise, even if I stayed in dining room, which is close tokitchen, I got no bad feelings at cooking time. Because of my profession, I wastrying to find the difference between the two kitchens. The kitchens’ space isalmost the same; the only difference is mother-in-law using European hood whilemother’s place installing with FOTILE V.  

As a member of FOTILE, I truly experiencedthe excellent performance of FOTILE range hood.