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A Chinese got a world brand dream


Bringing up the topic of Pakistan, instabilityshould be the word to describe this country. In this Muslims country, could aChinese woman run a brand’s business? The answer is Yes.

CiCi Zhao, a 160mm thin woman who is termedas “iron lady”. She has a dream rooted in Chinese people’s world brand name.

Fotile has been landed in Pakistan for 10years. During this period, this country manager has shifted for several times. In2011, Cici was assumed the duty. At first, the Pakistani agents just treat heras another bossy woman. With a strong mind, Cici planed and prepared herice-breaking tour to Pakistan without any complaint. But the first time whenshe was ready to go, the agent refused her with an excuse that Pakistan was inthe crisis of plague. The second time, the agent refused her with the excusethat flood had sabotaged the traffic. And the third time, the agent refused herwith the excuse that Pakistan was too hot to pay a visit. For the fourth time,she grabbed her bag, booked the air ticket and informed the agent that, “I’mComing.”As a foreign woman with no acquaintances, it was not so safe for herstaying in this not so stable country. The client just sent a day laborer topick up her and then just leave her at a hotel with hardly any security. “Iron woman”never seriously considered about her situation. She knew she came here for areason to solve the agent’s problem. From the day on, work 15 hours a day, herlaptop recorded very detailed need from the clients. Knowing the products well,she answered all clients’ questions on hoods and hobs. Her highly professionmade the agents no longer cold. When “iron woman” left to China, all the agentteam members sent her to Karachi airport. This time, them finally made suretheir choice.     

Time past, The agents always say, “ironwoman knows me as well as my daughter.”

These years, “iron woman” always says, “CustomerExperience Sense.”

There years, Pakistan has been the secondlargest market among Fotile overseas market.

These years, they have already been afamily.