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It’s your house


At the fair of Mega BuildExhibition, Kitchen Appliance Consultant Kartini aimed at the three members’family wandering out of exhibition room at a glance. The husband seemed like 50or some, and the son seemed like 20 or some. They had been there for more than10 minutes but never came in. 

“Welcome to FOTILE! Whatcan I do for you?”Kartini greeted the family with her kindly smell and began aconversation with them. Then Kartini was told that they wanted to buy a rangehood and FOTILE products were really attractive. But they were hesitating tocome in the showroom because they were unfamiliar to FOTILE. She also knew thatthe elder gentleman was a house decoration designer which is a very influentialoccupation as the house owner always followed designer’s suggestion to purchasekitchen appliances. Kartini was well aware of sales skills. She knew that theonly way to persuade this high level customer was about the product design andfunction. So she briefly interpreted the essential details of FOTILE ashigh-end products to the family. 

Talking for a while, the family had almost been fundof FOTILE product. However, the thrifty wife was still caring about the costperformance. Kartini introduced the harms to health that cooking smoke mightlead to her. But she said she would not be exposed in cooking smoke since theyhad a maid cooked for them. Nevertheless, Kartini also tried to give her onemore reason, “It’s your house. No matter who cook in kitchen, the smoke andgrease dirt will also pollute your cozy house. Furthermore, with a better efficienthood, your maid will be in a better mood when she is cooking. Won’t the dishesshe cooks taste better?”

Then, the whole family was finally convinced andbought the latest FOTILE V hood.

Saw the family off, Karitini continued her work. “It’syour house.” is still hovering in the family’s mind.