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The one from FOTILE


“How long have you been in FOTILE?”I askedyou all of sudden that you are puzzled at once.

“It’s the seventh years already……”giving a glimpse to the staringsky, you reply significantly.

This moment, Istared at a twinkling lonely star and blamed it, “Why you are always trying tobe outstanding? Are you really able to illuminate the earth? ”

“Just wait for the big time comes.”You words were fullof suspense.

(Since our little guy visited our life, we had notspent a day together like today.)

I leaned on your shoulder to wait for the so-called “bigtime”.

In my mind, there are all of different you. Thedisgusting one who quarreled to me; the poor one who is busy with working andcaring family; the lovely one who tries everything to make me happy; the onewho comes from FOTILE. 

It was getting dark gradually, the littlestar was turning brighter. But what is in your brain now?

I tried to figure out your mind quietlythat you might think I waste your time for a stroll with a plenty of work leftto be finished.

FOTILE products are impressive. FOTILE manis admirable. And I’m totally relying on you.

For a little while, the second star appearedthen the third one, the fourth one. More and More stars lightened the sky up.As you said, this little star finally made it. How I wish you could be likethis star.

You held my shoulder and said, “everythingwill be better.”

“You are promoted this year. I didn’t helpyou both on your work and our family. I feel so sorry.”I said.

“It’s my responsibility.” You answered. 

I get to know you then know FOTILE. I knowyour work and Chinese traditional virtues that FOTILE insisting on. Fotile’smission is make your home feels better, then everyone from FOTILE should run hisor her own home well. FOTILE’s vision is becoming a respectable company, theneveryone from FOTILE should be a respectable person. FOTILE wants to build agreat character, then everyone from FOTILE should cultivate a great character.

From FOTILE, you are like a tree tomaintain our little home, working hard to take care of both family and FOTILE’sdream.

From FOTILE, you are like a flower,recording difficulties in your diary and devoting yourself to design.

From FOTILE, you are the best husband forme as a FOTILE’s wife.