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How to rescue you? my overseas brother


“It smellsso good, who’s cooking?”

We step outthe elevator with this exclamation.

Leaded bythis smell, we find the client’s apartment easily. However, our good mood isruined by the cooking smoke and odor. Although the window is opened, the air isstill choking. And I find the air inlet was smoked to black. In the kitchen, aChinese girl wearing a respirator is cooking while covering her nose. Cookinglike this is really a torture. Looking around the kitchen, I find this shouldblame on the range hood, European type hood is not good for cooking style. Iexclaim, “It makes cooking like going to execution!”. Such a bad cookingenvironment like this may cause terrible damage to the family’s healthy. I persuadethe girl to change the hood to FOTILE V. Three months later, we come to visit them again. The girl says theycould finally enjoy the no-smoke cooking environment and never worried bycleaning kitchen carbnet.

Storiessharing the same plot are not just happened in Dubai. Chinese overseas familiesoften have to face this problem. An Australian client told us her story.

She is froma Chinese immigration family kept Chinese cooking traditions all the time. Everyday when she lied on the bed, the smell of Chinese dishes was hovering in hermind because of the smell is everywhere in house from the fractures on the wallto her hair tip. Troubled by this environment, but they have no plan to figureout as it’s hard to find a Chinese type hood in overseas countries.

So we giveher FOTILE Australian distributors number to her. In one month, we got thefeedback from her that there’s no more cooking smoke and odor left in her houseafter cooking, even the native neighbors was coming to her to learn Chinesecooking since they found the dishes she made smells so good even in their ownhouse.