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Baby, dad take you to FOTILE


Two o’clock in early morning, train willleave in two and a half hours. Mom has already got up to packed up your clotheswhile you are still sleeping sound and well with arm stretching out.

Baby, you will never know it is the regretfor papa and mama that we didn’t shelter your with a settled home before youcame to the world as we kept moving from a city to another city over the years.

Within a half hour, mama has finishedpacking. There are six packages among which two are yours filled with yourclothes and healthy supplements for mom. Mom holds you up while you are stillsleeping on her shoulder. Dad take and drag the packages. We are leaving off. 

Seeing the crowd coach the first time, youare so exciting and keep looking around from mom’s arm and giggling. Hearingyour voice, yet Dad feel so sorry for you that you should sleep by parents evensuck thumb from time to time as other babies instead of travelling for 1000kilometers with Dad and Mom. We are afraid of if you can adapt to this longjourney and new life. One years ago, Dad sent you and mom to grandma. Now youare on the way to Dad’s place.

Baby, I promise to give you a real home thistime. From now on, there’s no need to move again and again just because we finda family which will make homes better, treat its employee nicer and deserve tobe work for.

5 o’clock in the morning. Baby, we arrivehome.