The right hand for happy wife


With hot broadcasting of “a bite of China”, the tasteof homeland drifts cross ocean to the States. For most Chinese American, theycould only satisfy their eyes but not appetite as they are used to Americankitchen baking habits and hardly bear Chinese high heat cooking style. Someoneintended to make a delicacy of memory for family will only amuse the smokealarm in the house as a result. So I’ll always share my own experience withthem.

My husband Sam and I haveimmigrated to the States with parents individually since we are children.Falling in love for 5 years, we decided to invite both our parents to meet inour apartment. My future parents in law were fond of Chinese cuisine despitethey have been in American for 20 years. Then I decided to win their favor bydelicious Chinese cuisines. However, it is tough for me to find a solution thatthinking about making a fried potato shreds would lead the smoke alarm so noisyand the smoked greasy face.

So Sam encouraged me to goto kitchen appliance market and I was attracted by FOTILE range hood at oncewhen I saw it. It high-end design just matches my need for home condition;meanwhile, as an engineering graduate, Sam also speaks highly of oil screendesign. FOTILE applied unique technology which makes FOTILE extraction efficiencyso extraordinary and smooth. Under its assistant, full table of dishes wereeasily made, such as chicken stewed with mushroom, Sweet and Sour Spares Ribs,Fried Bean Sprout with Duck Slice, Spring Rolls and Stewed Winter BambooShoots. My face and hair was still gleaming, and the alarm is also quiet. Thatday, we enjoyed the home taste delicacies and chatting about the nicer future.Happiness was spilled in the apartment.

Every woman has a dream for a happy family as everyfamily needs a quality kitchen. Besides, it is a fact that house wife suffers extremelyhealthy harm from cooking smoke and odor. So FOTILE would be a helpful assistantfor house wife to satisfy family’s appetite while avoid the harm of smoke. That’smy secret of cooking for sharing with you.