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How to create a convenient kitchen for yourself?

A good kitchen should be designed according to the user's personal habits and needs. Design should adapt to people's lives, rather than the other way around. From the cooking process, washing, chopping, cooking and cleaning, the four steps cannot be simpler at first glance. However, in practice, you may find many problems: What is the most convenient way from getting vegetables to washing them? How to design the layout to avoid crowding? How to set the proper height of cooking counter so that we don’t shrug when cooking? Only those who have been busy cooking in the kitchen can experience these details.

Must-know tips for cleaning your range hood How to clean range hood routinely?

A good range hood is essential for kitchen cooking.However, even the best range hood needs cleaning in time. Accumulated grease will not only affect the environmental sanitation in the kitchen, but also affect the use of range hood, resulting in worse and worse fume extraction effect over time.Here are several useful tips to help you clean up your range hood daily.

Get range hood maintenance tips easily. Read this, and you will know how to maintain your range hood at home.

Range hoods and cooktops are the most commonly used kitchen appliances at home. Their daily maintenance is particularly important. Proper maintenance not only extends the service life of range hoods and cooktops, but also avoids dangerous accidents.

Learn how to choose kitchen appliances easily

Kitchen appliances are an indispensable part of kitchen, the most important of which are probably the range hood and cooktop (Burner). Without them, a kitchen cannot be called a complete kitchen. Cooktop is used for cooking, and the oil fumes thus generated are discharged completely relying on the range hood to keep the air clean and fresh at home.

How to install range hood to effectively exert its full performance?

To ensure good fume extraction effect, installation is an important part. Let's take a look at what aspects should be noted in range hood installation.

3 Minutes to Understand Kitchen Storage Tips. Not enough kitchen space? That is because you don’t know about storage

Nowadays, there are so many kitchen smart appliances. After they are all installed in the kitchen, the remaining space is less. In many small-sized households, the kitchen space is already small. Without storage skills, there might be hardly any space for pots and pans.