Must-know tips for cleaning your range hood How to clean range hood routinely?


Range Hood

A good range hood is essential for kitchen cooking.
However, even the best range hood needs cleaning in time. Accumulated grease will not only affect the environmental sanitation in the kitchen, but also affect the use of range hood, resulting in worse and worse fume extraction effect over time.
Here are several useful tips to help you clean up your range hood daily.

▶ Taking precautions

Before installing the oil cup into the hood, first put a little water inside the cup and add some detergent. This will make it easy to clean afterwards.
Or put a smaller disposable oil box before using the hood, and directly discard the disposable oil box during cleaning.
Or, you can wet the kitchen paper (Attached more closely to the oil cup) and put it inside the oil cup. Then you only need to replace the kitchen paper once every 3-5 days, no need to clean the oil cup any more ~

▶ How to remove the fingerprints on the stainless steel surface

Wipe with white oil.
If white oil is not available, you can prepare some baking soda, dip a piece of dry cloth into the baking soda and wipe gently on the stainless steel surface. It is particularly effective for cleaning the fingerprints. In addition, the original delicate and even luster of stainless steel can be restored by wiping.

▶ Ultimate tips

For newly purchased hood, you can make a paste of soap and apply it to the surface of the parts to be cleaned. After using the hood for a period of time, you just need to wipe it with a rag, and all the oil stains on the parts will be gone!

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